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"Emperor Turmeric"Health-preserving concentrated Drink

​100ml $3000    20ml $700


High-purity ginger plant extract concentrated liquid, the composition is strictly selected Taiwan's specialties red turmeric and organic fresh ginger,  combined with a variety of professional techniques to extract a concentrated liquid and Made with a variety of professional techniques to extract concentrated liquid, combined with the deep ocean water which is in the eastern Pacific of Hualien, Taiwan, rich in a variety of plant nutrition such as: natural traces element, vitamin C, plant alkaloids, and natural organic acids.


Why we use red turmeric ?



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"Emperor Turmeric" uses red turmeric with the highest curcumin content.

Red turmeric is a genus of the genus Ginger, which is a variety of autumn turmeric, and contains the most abundant curcumin. The curcumin content per 100 grams of red turmeric is 7 times that of autumn turmeric, and 74 times that of spring turmeric. Therefore, it is called "the king of curcumin". Red turmeric has a better effect, and the yield is the least among all turmerics. It also makes red turmeric especially precious.



Selected aged ginger


Fresh ginger tastes mild and spicy, it is good at divergent cold, phlegm and cough, but also can stop vomiting and detoxification in warm, and is often used in the treatment of exogenous cold and stomach cold and vomiting. Ginger also has a detoxifying and bactericidal effect, while aged ginger has a higher gingerol.


Why we use deep ocean water ?

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◆ 海洋深層水取自海平面下657公尺深,溫度只有6~9度,非常純淨、流動緩慢,水質穩定、 目前已被證實富含均衡
​ 豐富無機營養物及多種天然微量元素、礦物質。

◆ 海洋深層水水分子團細小,極易被人體吸收。

◆ 受限於環境、地形、洋流等多種因素的影響,目前全世界僅有臺灣東部、夏威夷、日本等三地可取得海洋深層水。


One of the key processes of [Emperor Turmeric] is to use the deep water of Qixingtan Ocean in Hualien County in eastern Taiwan. The deep ocean water is taken from the sea level below 657 meters deep, the temperature is only 6~9 degrees, very pure, slow flowing, stable water quality. Currently, It has been proven to be rich in inorganic nutrients and more than 90 kinds of natural trace elements and minerals. It includes a variety of nutrients such as magnesium, iron, lead, copper, selenium, cobalt, manganese, phosphate, and citrate, which the human body needs and are about ten times the surface seawater content.

The molecules of the deep ocean water are micro and easily absorbed by the human body to activate cell tissues.

Limited by the influence of environment, terrain, ocean currents, etc. At present, only the eastern part of Taiwan, Hawaii and Japan can obtain deep ocean water.

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